How to Play Baseball

If you’re a new entrant to the game who is yearning to learn the basics – or a professional who wants to teach the younger ones in a simple yet effective manner, this article will guide you through the ins and outs of playing baseball. Not only will we acclimatize you with the basics of the game, but we would also make sure that you learn more than your novice mates about the game.

how to play baseball

Longing to play baseball? Let’s waste no further time.

Step # 1: Three things to have

Just like in life, you need a partner to learn the basics of baseball. Also, acquire a baseball bat and a glove. The bat should neither be too heavy nor should it be too light. That is, you need to have a bat that suits you the best. Finally, get a baseball.

Step # 2: How to throw baseball

Before you throw the baseball, it’s better to warm up a little. Next, try to throw it to overhand to your mate. For starters, it is recommended that they stay 10-15feet apart while throwing the ball for the first time.

Remember, when you have thrown the baseball, your arm should be pointed towards the person to whom you’re throwing it. Practice this step many times to get at ease.

Step # 3: How to catch

Wear your glove and ask your partner to throw the ball towards you. Don’ worry, he doesn’t need to learn how to throw a baseball. When he has thrown the ball – try to catch it within the web of your glove. This is the central part of your glove.

Equally important is the fact that you should catch the ball with both hands. Here, one hand should be in the glove where the other hand should cover it. Make sure you have the best infield glove in your possession.

There are two types of the ball you’ve to catch in the diamond – that is the baseball field: pop flies and ground balls. For the latter, you’ve to locate the ball in the air and try to get yourself underneath its trajectory.

As for the former, bend your knees as well as your back whereas your gloved hand should be touching the ground. See the ball getting in your glove before you move your eyes off it.

Step # 4: How to hit the ball

One of the biggest mistakes starters make when trying to hit the ball is that they ask their partners to throw it. Since they are a novice, there is a very good chance that they’ll miss it and get disheartened. Hence, if you’re a newcomer, throw the ball in the air and try to smash it with your bat.

When you’re hitting it, make sure that the majority of your weight is concentrated on your back foot. Afterward, just when you’re about to hit it, step a little forward. On swinging the bat, make sure that both your arms are fully extended. Also, try to make your head steady and in line with the trajectory of the ball.

Finally, your batting stance is also crucial. Giving you a glimpse of what my stance is, it comprises of my front toe on the ground with the bat on waist height. However, as you might guess, your stance should be that which suits you, and not your favorite player, dad, or any uncle.

Step # 5: How to do base running

If you’re a runner, there are three safe spots for you at each corner of the area which are known as bases. If you want to score a run, you must visit those bases. Now, let’s take a look at how to do base running.

If you’re a batter, you have to hit the ball with the bat. When it goes away after getting hit, you would have to run and reach the bases. If you don’t, you’ll be out. Hence, try to hit the ball as further as you can.

Step # 6: How to do pitching

For starters, pitching is much harder than it looks. Also, only try to do pitching AFTER you’ve learned how to throw a baseball.

Now, assuming you’ve learned it already, both your feet should be on the rubber when you’re about to pitch. Next, in your stance, your front foot would go at a distance of at least one foot from the back feet. Also, point your glove hand at the location you’re pitching the ball at. Next, fold into the cramp of your shoulder. Finally, if you want to learn fast, get a 4-seam baseball and use it for pitching.

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